Topic outline

  • 3rd consortium meeting

    The 3rd consortium meeting - Telavi, Georgia 

    November 20-24, 2016

    The third DARE consortium meeting was held at Telavi State University in Georgia between 21-24 November, 2016. The main theme of this meeting was Train-of-Trainers. Teams from EAN (European Access Network), Telavi State University, University of Iasi, Ilia State University and Sapir Academic College and University of Murcia delivered workshops through these intensive days. The aim of training was to train academic and administrative staff to provide accessible services to students with disabilities and minorities (target groups) to better meet their needs. Participants were encouraged to explore their own beliefs and perceptions towards target groups; introduced to challenges and barriers of target groups and experienced them by putting themselves into their shoes; taught of different ways to know their students; how to better communicate with them and design accessible curriculum. Following this work, every Israeli and Georgian HEI is responsible to train trainers at their home which in the following six months will train academic and administrative staff.

    Another issue that was discussed was the financial mid-term report and how it should be filled out.

    Lastly, our QA team, headed by prof. Gaspar Ros from Murcia University, worked intensively on the development of assessment tools for student support services offered by each IL and GEO and the training sessions (short and long term evaluation).

    We had a very interesting tour around where we visited Grami and the wine route. We also celebrated together the St. George's Day and had very nice dinners (with lots of beautiful toast, like real Georgians  J). Although the weather was tough, the atmosphere was extremely warm.

    Now with the future visit to Zugdidi, we definitely feel that Georgia is on our mind...