• Dare National Conferences 

    • فتح الكلإغلاق الكل

    • Dare Project Field Monitoring

    • Access to Higher Education International Perspectives‏

    • Erasmus+ Day 2016\17 - Israel

    • Dissemination of the Ideas of the EU International Project DARE in Georgia

      SSU conference April 2017

    • Georgian National Training at ISU on Learning Difficulties in Higher Education-- May 19, 2017

    • Inclusive Education in Higher Educational System- Sept. 28, 2017

      SSU Ministry of Science and Ed dissemination event Sept

    • Presentation of DARE at the Forum of Heads of Accessibility Centers in Israel April 22nd 2018

    • Media and Informational sources for ethnic minorities in Georgia 30/01/2018

    • Georgian National Meeting, May 3, 2018: Dissemination: Policy Recommendations, Student Participation in CM, Posters

    • Israel National Meeting May, 15, 2018: Policy and Dissemination

    • Israeli Dean's Forum and DARE meeting on Expanding Access to HE in Israel and Europe, June 20th 2018

      On Wednesday June 20th the DARE team gathered together with the Israeli Deans forum to discuss expanding access to HE and the achievements of DARE through both international and local perspectives. The day began with an introduction by Prof. Jenny Kurman, the Dean of Students of the University of Haifa, who co-convened the event. Then Mee Foong Lee, DARE partner from the European Access Network offered a wonderful keynote presentation in which she discussed how the DARE project relates to the goals the EU has established for expanding access to HE.. Following this was a panel discussion and workshops-- what a day!. 

      For more on this event see the 6th issue of our newsletter

      Deans Forum