Work in Progress

Setting the Scene

Within the kick off meeting in February 2016 in Murcia, Georgian and Israeli working teams developed with the assistance of the European partners what we call “Framework Plan”. This plan provides a short review on why the issues of inclusive education and access to HEI are important to partners countries’ institution, what are the challenges and barriers of chosen target group, existing support services inside the university, university and national regulations, new proposed support services for target group, and new proposed policies and regulations. All these issues were discussed within the three working groups: minority, women and disabilities. Through these discussions Israeli and Georgian partners were able to refine their planned activities and the possible strategies to tackle barriers and challenges of target groups to access higher education institution. This preparatory stage enable us to “set the scene” in terms of situating the different approaches and planned activities in the apt context and discussing it from different perspectives.




Starting to disseminate

Acknowledging the fact that efficient dissemination plan should be developed from the outset, our dissemination team has started to work in Murcia on multi-strand approach to dissemination to ensure efforts are effective. The dissemination plan addresses question such as: what do we want to disseminate?; When do we disseminate?; What are the most effective ways of disseminating?; Who might help us disseminate? How do we turn our strategy into an action plan? And how will we know we have been successful? The project’s website has been launched in the kick off meeting, and refined with the assistance of all partners.



Evaluating our work

One of the sessions in the kick off meeting was dedicated to the development of Quality Plan (QP). This plan which was formed by internal quality assurance team includes specific indicator for reflecting on our own work, outcomes and processes. We view these indicators as milestone in the process of planning and preparing project activities. The following step is the evaluation of each Georgian and Israeli Framework Plan which identifies the specific support services that they want to establish and reinforce within their institution. We hope to start this process by the beginning of March 2016.

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