Logistical details


All DARE members will be staying at the same hotel (like we did in Achva). The name of the hotel is Ankalia http://hotelanaklia.com/ and it is located at the black sea beach in a city nearby Zugdidi (about 40 minutes from the University). Our hosts will arrange a transportation for us from the hotel and back.

One single room with breakfast 129.80 GEL (about 50 euros)

Double room with breakfast 177 GEL (about 67 euros)

Payment is upon arrival only with GEL.

You need to make your own reservation until 21.5.2017, please indicate in your booking that you are a member of DARE propjet. Here is the email address of the hotel to make reservations: info@hotelanaklia.ge<mailto:info@hotelanaklia.ge>


There are three ways to get to Zugdidi from three different airports:

a. From Tbilisi city or from Tbilisi International Airport:  Take a taxi (about 17 euro) to the railway station where you can take either a bus/minibus or early morning train which arrives in Zugdidi at 13:25 or the late night train leaving at 22:15 (approximate time) and will arrive in Zugdidi at about 08:00 in the morning. The train ride is about 7 euros and the ride (train or bus) takes 5 and a half hours. From the train station in Zugdidi, you take a taxi to the Hotel, located in Ankalia.

b. Flight to Batumi Airport: From Batumi airport take a taxi to Ankalia Hotel (about 50 euros) and it takes around two hours and a half to get there (+995 593 80 50 50 phone number of taxi ). There are also minibusses available to Zugdidi. It takes about 3 hours and costs about 5 euros and the last bus departure to Zugdidi at 18:00. Do not forget that the bus will bring you to Zugdidi (and not to Ankalia), which you will need to take another taxi to the Hotel.

c. Flight to Kutaisi Airport: From Kutaisi airport take a taxi directly to Ankalia Hotel (about 40 euros) and it takes around one and a half hours to get there.

Online Form

Here is a link to the online form https://goo.gl/forms/90PAsKlFzqtOQ0Jn1.

Please fill it out until 21.5.2017. This will assist our hosts to take care of all logistics in advance.

The focus of this meeting will be online courses

As you know, the last stage of our project is the development and implementation of ONE online course at each IL & GEO HEI. The main beneficiaries of this course should be students with disabilities, women and ethnic minority students. The participants of the CM should be DARE members and professionals in the field of online courses/computer-mediated pedagogy/technology/disabilities/ethnic minority.

If you have any question regarding the flights, accommodation etc. Please contact me (Galit) or Bela Mosia mosiabela@gmail.com<mailto:mosiabela@gmail.com> .

Please be informed that for the trip to Zugdidi you can use 6 days of cost of stay for EU & IL partners and 5 days for GEO partners.

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